Mural Art Project

Mural Art Project


Whether you are a first-time collector, looking to acquire your first work or have a mature collection with masterpieces stored safely in free ports, at Mural Texas we welcome you to our ambitious art project, to document and share the art of the world's finest living contemporary artists. 


Our vision for the Mural Art Project is to capture the creative force of today's greatest artists by developing highly curated visual experiences. 

Video is a powerful medium able to bridge the emotional intention between creator and audience. Quality video content has never been more accessible, and at this intersection of art and technology we find ourselves with a unique opportunity:

"To share the real stories of the world's most talented artists and the passion that goes into their work."

Mural Art Project

The Mural Art Project journey begins with a quest to discover the beauty of the world around us, channeling the creative energy of talented artists who are inspired by this beauty to create timeless works of art. 

Founded in 2020, the concept for the Mural Art Project was developed during a time where everyone around the world was forced into solitude.  The appreciation of freedom, nature, and the beauty we all took for granted came into focus. The idea of exploring the globe and searching for these majestic spots that are local treasures became our new mission. Having developed a passion for art since becoming a collector, and experiencing the first-hand creativity and drive of some of the greatest artists of our era the Mural Art Project was launched.  


Witnessing first hand the heart and soul that goes into creating art, Mural Texas set forth to share these creative moments in a way that everyone could enjoy.  Our short films will share these powerful art experiences, as artists take in the scenery around them. Join our artists as they live these exceptional moments, see through their eyes as they paint, and create stunning works of art in sensational locations around the globe.


We will search the world, challenge the possible, and document for everyone who is interesting in joining us in this adventure.  Mural Texas partners with artists who wish to share their process and passion with the world. 

Let's explore the MAP, together we will discover its secrets and treasures!