Mural Art Project #1: Gregory Siff Limited Edition Print Release!

Mural Art Project #1: Gregory Siff Limited Edition Print Release!

Mural Texas and 4AM Gallery are proud to present the first limited edition print series from the premier Mural Art Project featuring Los Angeles based artist Gregory Siff. The first MAP film was an incredible experience; filled with adventure and intention.  We gathered with hope in our hearts amongst the beautiful scenic red rocks as inspiration consumed each and every one of us. The result is this stunning limited edition print series that captures the magic and energy of the Bell Rock vortex. Each select print is derived from the original Sky Lines masterpiece filmed in real time underneath the Sedona sky. We are excited to transfer the heartfelt feeling received from this extraordinary setting and bring the magic of Sedona directly into your home.

The Pieces of the Sky Series is comprised of four limited edition works entitled: Sky Lines, Constellations, Crayons, and Sunset Soul. Every element was studied and considered by the artist before taking its seat within the thoughtful pattern. Each artwork from the Pieces of the Sky series is numbered, titled, studio sealed and signed by the artist. 

We are thrilled to be the first of this incredible outdoor series with Mural Texas.  Having spent time in the magical vortexes In Sedona, we knew this was the perfect place for the timeless magic of Gregory Siff. Working with the elements of nature infuses a palpable electricity within the art; breathing life into it, as it takes the invisible field and makes it visible.  This work represents the unseen fifth-dimensional forces that are always with us, carrying us through the journey in the matrix of life.  Each image and color was carefully considered, to display a pattern of thoughts from the artist’s heart to yours.  We hope this enchanted limited edition print brings the energy of the vortex directly into your home, gifting you with the powerful positive intentions for which it was born.  – 4AM Gallery


These unique works will be released in conjunction with the Mural Art Project #1 film debut on November 20, 2020. The store will open its doors at an undisclosed window to be revealed by the artist live on the day of the premier. As a special addition for the holidays, Gregory will offer a very limited release of uniquely hand-embellished prints, each individually painted by the artist with original work.

Thank you Gregory for making the first mural art project so outstanding, we are excited to see where our next MAP will lead us!