Mural Art Project #1: Sedona, Arizona - Gregory Siff

Mural Art Project #1: Sedona, Arizona - Gregory Siff

Gregory Siff born in 1977 is a contemporary artist who lives in Los Angeles and originates from Brooklyn NY.  His artworks are included in Swizz Beatz’s Dean Collection, Deitch Projects, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Soho House New York, Soho House Miami and the Google HQ, to name a few. 

Siff has touched all areas of the art world with pieces on display in the Museum of Modern Art’s MoMA PS1 for Klaus Biesenbach’s group show “Rockaway!" as well as a mural in the ACE Museum for non-profit The Art of Elysium with Christie’s Auction House. 

When asking Gregory Siff about the mural art project, and the experience he had out in Sedona, he had this to say:

“Once you realize the thing you love to do most, there is nothing more fulfilling than doing it in different environments around the world. To be under the Sedona sky among the most beautiful rock formations that gripped me with an internal energy, I was moved to tell a story that was unfolding on this adventure.  

Friends, believers, lovers, all came together that day and stayed until the sun went down. I had never painted on optimum glass before.  It felt like the paint was flying in mid air, the symbols floating while gravity pulled the drips into each element; connecting each of them together by the lines of paint.  Just as we connected that day, through music, expression and calm, there was a rhythm and silence to the moment. 

Going to Sedona and joining the people of Mural Texas and 4AM Gallery, I remember painting this piece in one swoop.  I turned around from the painting to see everyone cheering.  It felt like a scene you might see at the end of a play or a movie or a life.  They were there, reminding me,  that this is the reason. When we smile in these moments together, we are connected. And now, we are forever connected in the Sky Lines”.  -Gregory Siff

Mural Texas is honored to work with such a talented artist and 4AM Gallery, on the first mural art project. Gregory's iconic art inspired by the beauty around him in Sedona Arizona was a breathtaking experience as we captured these magical moments during sunset at Bell Rock. We hope you enjoy the first Mural Art Project as much as we did!