Saladeen Sequoia

Mural Art Project #2 - King Saladeen Limited Edition and Collectables

Dream Big Sequoia ft. King Saladeen is launching an art capsule today Friday May, 20, 2022 including an original work, limited edition prints, and collectables all made for the specifically for the project. 

The title of the painting is Out of my Environment. King Saladeen is from the city of Philadelphia. When the Mural Texas team partnered up, we decided to take the bear artist to the forest. We discovered that this forest is way up in the sky, and towering high above are the majestic giant sequoia trees. Saladeen who is more accustom to high rises of this size than trees felt out of his environment, but this sparked the creative fire to paint a master piece. 


Out of My Enviroment


Title: Out of My Environment

Size: 35"x35" deckled edge

Image Size: 31"x31"

Material: 505 GSM Museum Archival Paper

Edition Size

Limited Edition - /99

Artist Proof - /10

Hand Embellished - /10

These works will be available for purchase at

Other amazing artist designed collectables are also available at the store included in the art capsule. T shirts, Hoodies, hats, and artist pins. 

Be sure to come hang out with us at the premiere.